Network Outage (In Progress)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Other - Stadium District
  • There is a small power outage in progress near the stadiums affecting several buildings.  The issue is posted on Seattle City Lights' status website (  We expect services to recover when power is restored, and technicians are monitoring to confirm that is the case.

    Update: Power has been restored and all Atlas services are back online. If you are continuing to experience any issues, please get in touch with us at  Thank you!

    Update 3:24PM: Power is back down to parts of the GridIron Condominiums building.  Technicians are enroute to assist building personnel in investigating.

  • Date - 2019/10/19 18:00 - 2019/10/20 11:16
  • Last Updated - 2019/10/20 15:25